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NPR: Topeka’s cash offer for workers to move to the city is paying off

In an effort to stimulate the local economy, Choose Topeka has been offering qualifying candidates $10,000 to $15,000 to relocate to the capital city of Kansas.

States like West Virginia and Vermont have experimented with this kind of program, as have cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma. Choose Topeka has been running for nearly two years, providing $10,000 for each candidate, and up to $15,000 if you buy a home. Mayor Michelle De La Isla says it has been an overall success.

“Fifty-four people relocated,” says De La Isla. “The return on investment to our community is 14 times the money that we invest in them and the average salary of the individuals that are coming into our community is $87,000.”

She notes that aside from the economic impact, another major positive from this is the publicity it has provided for the city.

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