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Ownerly Recognizes Topeka As A Top 5 City For Remote Workers


Topeka, KS — released its 2022 “Best Cities for Remote Workers” report, evaluating 1,488 micropolitan statistical areas (MSA) and cities, as identified by the US Census Bureau. After vetting, the final list of places and MSAs evaluated in the study was limited to 445 cities. Topeka, Kansas, was recognized as the No. 4 best city in the United States for remote workers, and the No. 1 best city in the Midwest for remote workers. Lancaster, Pa. (1); Dalton, Ga. (2); McAllen, Texas (3); and Rochester, N.Y. (5), round out the top-five ranking. is one of the nation’s largest online real-estate platforms dedicated to providing the best in home-value data and insights to consumers. Millions visit the platform each year for information designed to educate and empower homeowners and prospective buyers on their real-estate decisions.

“Ownerly is pleased to recognize Topeka, Kansas, as a top ‘Zoom Town’ city for 2022,” said Kerry Sherin, of “We ranked metrics based on a weighted average of home values, rental costs, web connectivity, safety, park access, availability of coworking spaces, city and state-level athletic health levels and gym options, affordability of goods and services and utilities, as well as affordability and availability of childcare services and restaurants. Our team is impressed with the value and quality of life Topeka provides remote workers, and we are excited to announce that Topeka ranked No. 4 on our list!”

Key takeaways from the 2022 study show that Midwest and Northeastern states are best for remote work, and smaller cities offer the best value. Of the top 25 cities, 11 are located in Midwestern states and nine are found in the Northeast. Small and midsize cities with populations under 250,000 accounted for 20 of the top-25 cities for remote work.

“We are pleased to see Ownerly recognize something that many of our remote workers, who relocated to Topeka during the pandemic, have already discovered — that Topeka is a fantastic remote-work community,” said Trina Goss, director of business and talent initiatives for GO Topeka. “Our community provides the best in online access, affordability, and the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. When you can work anywhere, why wouldn’t you choose Topeka!”

“As startups and entrepreneurs consider our city for growth, the ability to work remotely is crucial,” said Stephanie Moran, GO Topeka’s SVP of Innovation. “Our future innovation campus will be built with this in mind, as coworking and collaborative spaces are key to providing the tools and resources the next generation of entrepreneurs need to succeed. As we work with startups looking to relocate,’s recognition is an exciting data point that will give them confidence Topeka has what they need to thrive.”