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Topeka, KS — Data certified in 2022 by the Kansas Division of the Budget report Shawnee County recently recorded its largest single-year growth in population in 10 years. The data, provided to the Kansas Secretary of State each July and included in The Governor’s Budget Report in January, indicated Shawnee County’s population grew by 2,265 people, according to 2022 reporting. That increase represents the highest single-year percentage growth among the top-five largest counties by population in Kansas. With 1.3% year-over-year growth, Shawnee County grew faster on a percentage basis than Johnson County (+1.0%), Sedgwick County (+0.8%), Wyandotte County (+1.1%) and Douglas County (-2.6%).

“This is proof that when you combine planning, strategy and action, you can redirect the momentum of a community,” said Matt Pivarnik, CEO of the Greater Topeka Partnership. “In five years, we have grown our GDP by over $2 billion, decreased poverty, and increased community morale. Record population growth is another metric to be proud of! Our Momentum 2022 strategy helped the community reverse a years-long trend of negative population growth, with Shawnee County now leading the state in percentage of new residents! This positive momentum is something to celebrate — but just know, this community isn’t complacent and will continue to improve metrics across the board, as we move forward together.”

“This is exciting data!” said Trina Goss, director of business and talent initiatives for GO Topeka. “People are choosing Topeka to live better and build a quality life for their families. It isn’t surprising to see this growth, when you consider the value our community offers people. Just this year we were recognized as having two of the top-10 school districts in the state and the No. 4 hottest housing market in the United States. People are choosing Topeka in record numbers because we offer them more bang for their buck!”

“The recent numbers from the Kansas Division of the Budget are powerful, and they show that we are a community on the move!” said Topeka Mayor Mike Padilla, a Momentum 2027 tri-chair. “I am proud to see our city lead the state in percentage growth and be recognized by people around our region as an incredible place to live. To all our new residents, I say, ‘Welcome!’ There really is no place like home when you’re from Topeka.”

“Our Momentum 2022 strategy was designed to improve quality of life and quality of place, making Topeka a sought-after destination for newcomers,” said Michelle Cuevas-Stubblefield, senior vice president of strategy for the Greater Topeka Partnership. “This data proves that the first five years of our strategy were a success. Now, as we embark on Momentum 2027, we’re determined to build on this progress, to continue making Topeka and Shawnee County an incredible place to live, grow, prosper and belong.”