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Current Buildings Available

GO Topeka has a database of current buildings that are for sale or lease. These properties are not owned by GO Topeka but are listed by the brokers and we include them in our database. Below are some of the buildings that are listed as for sale or lease that are over 25,000 of square feet. To see the full listing of buildings and sites you can visit our sites and buildings database here.

Please see below for specs on each building and contact Molly Howey for more information.

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Topeka Regional Business Center is an ideal site for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, corporate, service, cargo, aviation, office, or retail.

Topeka Tower

534 S. Kansas Ave

Soaring 240 feet into the Downtown Topeka skyline, the Topeka Tower is a commanding structure and a prominent landmark for the entire region.

217 SE 4th St

217 SE 4th St

Four-story office building with high ceilings, open cube spaces and quality office space. Good parking. Building will divide into 1 to 4 floors.

California Crossing

29th and California Avenue

California Crossing anchors the sub-regional retail district at the intersection of 29th and California Blvd.