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Small Business Council

The Small Business Council is a leadership group of area entrepreneurs dedicated to work with the support of GO Topeka to promote small business in Shawnee County and equip those businesses for success.

Small Business Council

Small Business Incentives & Resources

Discover incentives that can help you find success at any stage of your emerging business. Whether you’re a startup with boundless new ideas or an established small business trying your best to put great ideas into motion, there are resources available to help you grow.


Training and Events

GO Topeka hosts many classes, training seminars and events throughout the year that are aimed at small business owners and entrepreneurs like FastTrac New Venture, the Wheelhouse Incubator,  small business boot camps, and more.

Training and Events

Small Business Directories

If you’re  looking for business to business partnerships to help expand your business check out our small business directories. Consumers can also utilize these directories to find the perfect fit for their next purchase.

Business Directories


The Small Business Council in partnership with the Topeka Chamber of Commerce help advocate issues of interest to all small businesses at the local, state and national level.