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When you join Forge you join an elite group of talented young people eager to shape their future and the future of their community. As a member of Forge, you’ll get opportunities to network with other young professionals, gain exposure to business and community leaders, develop your personal brand, gain experience, and get access to exclusive events.

What does it mean to be a member?
No dues, no hassle, just a few easy clicks. Joining Forge is easy, just fill out the form below and you will be added to the member database and newsletter distribution list. You’ll then be able to stay up to date on all Forge-related news. From event and meeting dates to prize giveaways and everything in between when you’re a Forge member you can be involved as little or as much as you want. Once you sign up for the newsletter you can tell all your friends you are officially a Forge member. Welcome to the Herd!

How to get involved
If getting the newsletter and attending events isn’t enough for you, there are still more ways to get involved with Forge. Actively build your network and gain experience by joining one of our committees where you will help with long-term strategy, event planning and execution, and help steer the young professional community to a more prosperous future. The more active you are in Forge, the more opportunities become available for you to take your career path into your own hands.

It is not a requirement to join a committee to be a Forge member. Forge members can be as active as they choose. If you wish only to be a member to receive the newsletter that is fine, if you wish to attend events and programming, sit on committees, plan events, and more you can also do that.

By joining Forge you will automatically be signed up for the Forge Enews and receive relevant information about upcoming events, programs, special offers, and other opportunities.