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Molly Howey

Senior Vice President of Economic Development

Molly joined GO Topeka in 2011 and quickly realized economic development was the job for her. She started down a 3-year path to becoming a Certified Economic Developer and finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel in September of 2016. The ever-changing industry and lack of two identical days is what makes Molly love her job. She is a lifelong Kansan who grew up in the small town of Overbrook, who’s town slogan is “Don’t Overlook Overbrook.”

Molly is a graduate of Washburn University and Washburn Tech where she studied Mass Media, Psychology and Interior Design. Although she doesn’t directly use all her education in her daily work, she finds that watching and reading about current events, building relationships with strangers to try and sell them on moving their business to Topeka and spending her lunch hours shopping for things to decorate her house sort of fit.

Who is your best friend and what do you like best about him or her?

My best friend is my older sister. She is a strong woman with a huge heart. She is my example of how to be a good mom. Plus, she just gets me.

If money was no object, what would you do all day?

If money were no object I would fly to a sunny beach and lay in a hammock all day sipping a fruity adult beverage…. or three.

Do you love or hate rollercoasters?

I love going to amusement parks, just not with my kids! My husband and I love rollercoasters and we actually snuck away to Worlds & Oceans of Fun this summer by ourselves because our kids never want to go on the “big rides.

What makes you laugh the most?

My kids are the highlight of my day and always know how to make me smile. Between my quick-witted 9-year-old son, silly and spunky 11-year-old daughter and sarcastic 16-year-old daughter our house is pretty comical. Somebody always has something interesting to share at the dinner table.


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