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Plug and Play Topeka Facilitates Partnership Between Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Bond Pet Food

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a global leader in biology-based pet nutrition, and Bond Pet Foods, Inc., the Boulder-based leader in creating meat proteins via fermentation for pet food applications, recently announced an industry-first partnership to develop an alternative to one of Hill’s most popular meat proteins, made specifically to address the dietary needs of cats and dogs. This collaboration marks an important advancement as the pet food industry champions new technologies to provide more sustainable ingredient solutions for pet nutrition.

“Hill’s Pet Nutrition has a long history of using science to transform the lives of pets. This collaboration will allow us to explore how we can deliver the precise, balanced nutrition Hill’s is known for but in new and innovative ways,” said Dave Baloga, vice president, science & technology for Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “As we think about how we can help pets flourish and create a better, more sustainable world, we are keenly interested in exploring additional ways to take a science-first approach to pet nutrition. This alternative protein source marks a step forward on our sustainability journey to use science to help provide the best possible care for pets – for today and tomorrow.”

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