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Topeka, KS — Choose Topeka, the groundbreaking talent attraction program initiated by GO Topeka and the Greater Topeka Partnership, is thrilled to welcome Azura Credit Union as its newest sponsor. Azura joins esteemed sponsors Advisors Excel and Hill’s Pet Nutrition in supporting this highly successful initiative, which has already brought more than 100 families to the capital city of Kansas since its launch in 2020.

As a community-focused financial institution dedicated to empowering its members and promoting economic growth, Azura Credit Union is eager to contribute to the ongoing success of Choose Topeka. Through this collaboration, Azura aims to support the program’s objective of attracting talented individuals and families to Shawnee County, ultimately strengthening the local workforce and contributing to the area’s continued prosperity.

“Azura Credit Union is excited to partner with the Choose Topeka program by becoming a sponsor,” said Katie Beach, Azura’s community relationship manager. “We firmly believe in the power of community, and this program aligns perfectly with our mission of improving lives. We are committed to supporting Topeka’s growth by attracting talented individuals who will contribute to the economic vitality of the city.”

“We are delighted to have Azura Credit Union join us as a Choose Topeka sponsor,” said Trina Goss, director of business & talent initiatives for GO Topeka. “Their commitment to community development and dedication to creating opportunities for individuals, families and businesses align perfectly with our program’s vision. Together, we will continue to attract skilled professionals who will make a positive impact on Topeka’s future.”

“We welcome Azura Credit Union as a sponsor and are thankful for their investment in Choose Topeka,” said Matt Pivarnik, CEO of the Greater Topeka Partnership. “Azura’s partnership will enable us to expand our outreach efforts and provide an even greater level of support to individuals and families considering relocation to Shawnee County. With Azura’s backing, we are confident Choose Topeka will continue to flourish as a premier talent attraction program.”

Choose Topeka has garnered national attention for its innovative approach to talent attraction, offering incentives such as student loan reimbursements and down payment assistance to individuals purchasing a home during their move. The program has successfully attracted professionals from various industries, contributing to the city’s economic growth and enhancing its cultural fabric.

Azura Credit Union’s support of Choose Topeka reflects a shared commitment to building a prosperous future for the greater Topeka area and its residents. Sponsorship of Choose Topeka strengthens the program’s impact, creating lasting opportunities for those seeking a vibrant and fulfilling life in the heart of Kansas.


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