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Interns leave Topeka with experience and friendships

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Interns in the Capital City were able to enjoy some fun after a summer of hard work.

This year’s class of Top City Interns and Forge staff met up at TopCity Golf at GreatLIFE North to remember their work and friendships and show off their skills.

Forge had a record-breaking number of interns this year, 400 working at 40 businesses across Topeka. Interns spent the summer learning about different skills and strategies in real-world situations. They also learned about the various opportunities Topeka has to offer.

“Being able to work out real-world problems in the workforce and just see it in person and not sit down in class and do it, it’s just a totally different perspective,” Abbey Ludders, a 2023 Top City Intern said.

Ludder’s advice to next year’s Top City interns is to put yourself out there because it will open many doors for you.

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