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Plug and Play Batch 6

TOPEKA, KANSAS, Sept. 23 — Plug and Play Topeka has announced the 11 Animal Health startups and 13 AgTech startups that were selected for the sixth and eighth batches (respectively) of the Animal Health and AgTech Programs. These programs aim to bring global innovation to the heartland by facilitating opportunities for business development and mentorship, as well as pilots and POCs between the selected startups and founding partners of the program—Cargill, Evergy, Bimini Pet Health, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

The startups—chosen by partners of the program—represent a broad range of new innovations focused on things like automation, soil health, analytics, pet nutrition, alternative protein, and sustainable packaging. The startups also vary in terms of maturity, location, and experience in Plug and Play programming.

Sabina Bruehlmann, CEO of Nimble Science, will be participating in her third Plug and Play Program. She said she is “thrilled to have been selected to participate in the Plug and play Animal Health program. Leveraging the momentum of corporate partnerships stemming from our participation in past Plug and Play verticals of digital health and food and beverage—Plug and Play is helping bring our SIMBA microbiome knowledge platform to corporate partners around the world.”

Sharon Tuggle, CEO of 5 Element Food Therapy, who is participating in the program for the first time, said, “I am so honored to have been selected to participate in this rare and unique opportunity with Plug and Play. To be part of a vast ecosystem and granted access to titans of industries would have been a dream come true, if only I had dreamed this big.”

The program’s events have already begun, and the startups will have access to a wide variety of opportunities. Mark Majors, CEO of Gaia Ag (a Topeka-based startup), has already begun taking
advantage of what the program has to offer: “Since the minute we got our introduction materials, it has been nothing short of a whirlwind of information, introductions and ideas. The live feedback from fellow cohort members and the guidance from corporate partners has forced us to re-approach everything about our plan, and when I say that, it’s a great thing. We have re-examined everything from how we tell our story to how we can collaborate with others in the program to make our offering more successful. We’re taking full advantage of these incredible resources at our disposal, and each day look forward to what’s in store!”

Lindsay Lebahn, Sr. Program and Partner Success Manager for Plug and Play Topeka, is looking forward to another cycle. “We are excited to accelerate 24 of the top startups across the animal health and agtech industries that were hand-selected by our partners. Our goal is to help these emerging companies gain valuable resources, mentorship, and partnerships, which can ultimately bring their disruptive technologies to market and make a real impact in their respective industries.”

“These startups are developing exciting new technologies and products across a variety of focus areas that will enhance the animal health and ag tech industries,” said Stephanie Moran, Senior Vice President of Innovation for GO Topeka. “We are excited to work with these startups and have the opportunity to showcase the regional resources and partnerships available to support the development and growth of their businesses while immersing them into our community.”

The startups will be part of a graduation event that will take place in Sunnyvale, CA (at the Plug and Play headquarters) December 5-7 and will feature startups from all 19 programs across Plug and Play.

Click below to learn more about the 24 startups participating in the programs.
Animal Health Startups:
5 Element Food Therapy
We are taking a holistic approach to wellness for dogs and cats using whole food supplements rooted in
Traditional Chinese Medicine and designed support the body’s natural healing process.

Bene Meat Technologies
We are developing the meat of the future.

E-Livestock Global
E-Livestock Global. An award-winning, blockchain-powered, global traceability platform for healthy

Ferma Farms
Ferma Farms is a biotech company leveraging the power of fermentation to convert agri-food waste
streams back into functional ingredients suitable for the sustainable world.

Gaia Ag
Gaia Ag has developed a revolutionary approach to use agricultural waste to address the growing global
shortfall of quality paper pulp fiber, with its product driving significant strength increases and providing a
lower-cost alternative to virgin timber pulp.

Meet Moggie – the first cat-only health wearable that uses machine learning technology to translate cat
actions and behavior into simple health insights, enabling vets to more quickly uncover up to 80% of
illnesses that can be detected through subtle changes in activity.

Nimble Science
Actionable Intelligence from the GI Tract.

Offsetted is an enterprise software that allows organizations to measure, reduce and communicate their
Immediate pet pain assessment at your fingertips.

Ten Lives
Ten Lives is decarbonizing pet food by producing animal protein, without animals.

Transfur makes it easy to request, send, manage and review medical records, for Specialty Veterinary Practices

AgTech Startups:
American Edge Grain
American Edge Grain (AEG) is the first data-driven, virtual Grain Attribute Exchange to connect farmers who have grain with premium attributes with the end-users that need them.

Amos Power
AMOS Power is an American-made autonomous electric tractor manufacturer based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. AMOS tractors feature an innovative tri-motor and no operator station design, making them safer and more efficient. With AMOS Power, the future of farming is being redefined, one tractor at a time.

AI software that provides intelligent image analysis of biologics. The proprietary software enables scientists to independently train their own AI to achieve real-time AI classification of any imaging data for comprehensive quality control across R&D and manufacturing.

Bovi’s orchard management solution is a tractor driver, agronomist and entomologist all in one.

Crop Intellect
Crop Intellect develops agtech solutions with global reach that are out of the ordinary!

DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture
A digital platform for smart agronomic recommendations that promotes higher productivity and
profitability with less environmental impact.

The future of resilient agricultural investments.

Good Agriculture
Good Agriculture is a farm business management platform so small-and-midsize farmers can do more of
what they do best: produce nourishing food and steward the land.

Kirkwall defends autonomous agricultural and industrial systems from critical failure, utilizing
machine-learning to train systems to self-identify problems before they become catastrophic.

Nanotica Agro brings nanotechnology to the farm, allowing farmers to reduce chemical doses in
between 25-50%. Currently offering NAAS (nanotization as a service), Nanotica is servicing Argentine
farmers, soon to reach Brazil and later on the US.

Nitronic is actively working on modular fertilizer manufacturing units, enabling farmers and farming
communities to produce their own environmentally friendly fertilizers.

TierraSpec’s soil-intelligence platform is changing soil-attribute measurement and management by
employing high resolution remote data, machine learning, and precision techniques to provide
actionable insights for soil management decision making.

Yarta is the global AI consultant in the pocket for farmers and agricultural corporates. We help farmers
make smart and fast decisions leveraging research from the brightest minds across the industry.

About Plug and Play
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