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Downtown Topeka Business Incentives

Downtown Topeka is nationally recognized for its innovative and effective development of commercial, cultural and residential activity and increased quality of life in the Topeka region.

Below are just a few resources that are in place to best support your project:

This special downtown tax district targets redevelopment areas from which future tax revenues are diverted to finance infrastructure improvements and/or development.

Tax rebates are provided to property owners making improvements that raise the appraised value of residential property by 10 percent or commercial property by 20 percent. 

Promotes the district through various marketing tools and special events to ensuring amenities are well maintained and security is a priority.

A financial incentive designed to encourage residential and commercial improvements of buildings for future use in the Capital City Business Improvement District.

Properties in this area are eligible for additional state and federal historic preservation tax credits.

The program encourages long-term investment in economically distressed areas and promotes economic growth.