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To provide fun and unique experiences leading to deeper, more meaningful connections with the community and other young professionals in Topeka.

Play Herd



Working out with a group increases commitment to a fitness routine, pushes for harder work, diversifies workouts, and boosts your mood. Forge wants to take this passion to play and dedicate time to improving the health and well-being of Forge members.

Health Herd



To develop Topeka’s young talent into tomorrow’s leaders by providing them with leadership development resources that will help them shape, change and influence their community.

Leadership Herd


Business Development

Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in young professionals and to support the existing business community.

Business Development Herd



Working to provide monthly volunteer opportunities for Forge members, as well as connecting them with organizations and causes they care about and helping Forge members find ways to give back to the community and build a culture of service among young professionals.

Inspire Herd


Forge Your Future

Forge Your Future is the civic engagement arm of Forge. The goal is to improve Topeka young professionals’ engagement and commitment to the civic process.

Forge Your Future


DEI Oversight

Committed to building awareness, education, respect and acceptance of under-represented and marginalized groups in Topeka; while also striving to ensure Forge member-ship is a representation of the broader community.

DEI Oversight Committee

Our Partners