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Professional and Financial Services

Entrepreneurship in this field is already happening in Topeka, a fact that speaks volumes about the region’s assets for back office operations and data centers. Blue Cross, as well as Security Benefit (a home-grown success story) prove that the market has the cost environment, infrastructure, and talent pool needed to thrive. Firms seeking educated, affordable labor willing to work non-traditional hours should look no further than students and graduates at neighboring universities. Low cost utilities, a stable business climate, and easy access to major markets, top off the many reasons why Topeka is an ideal location for professional and financial service companies.

  • Home of 3 of the top 10 financial service IMO companies
  • Four universities within 60 miles
  • Local cash incentives for jobs and investment
  • International Peers: Security Benefit, Advisors Excel, Federal Home Loan Bank, Gradient
  • Aggressive state incentive programs for jobs and training
  • Entrepreneurship in this field is already happening in Topeka/Shawnee County