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Propeller is a Mentorship Network created to help entrepreneurs set course, lift off, and arrive at their desired destinations with the guidance of subject matter experts who are volunteering their time to support Topeka’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The program is designed to offer some structure and guidance to participants while also allowing for organic connections and flexible scheduling.

Propel into your journey with the GO Topeka Propeller Mentorship Program.

Do you…

  • Take initiative to create new products and services for a commercial marketplace?
  • Take on personal risk to start a new business or pursuing a new business model?
  • Define the mission and vision and pursue the growth of your company?

Are you…

  • The chief organizer, problem solver, opportunity finder and the person with the most to gain or lose in your enterprise?


Course Overview

Run in three-month journeys:

  • Month 1 starts with mentor-mentee (pilot-navigator) pairings with each participant being matched with up to 3 other participants.
  • Month 2 will have a networking breakfast with a featured speaker.
  • Month 3 will conclude with an evening networking session.

Journey Dates: June/July/August    |    September/October/November    |    2023 February/March/April

Cost: $25

For questions or interest in becoming a Pilot or Navigator, contact

Desired Pilot (Mentor)/Navigator (Mentee) Traits

Application & Match Making Profile: Please complete and send to along with your resume.


Thank you to our Program Sponsor, Topeka Capital-Journal!