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Small Business Council

The Small Business Council is a leadership group of area entrepreneurs dedicated to work with the support of GO Topeka to promote small business in Shawnee County and equip those businesses for success.  GO Topeka empowers small business by relying on local business leaders to influence and shape the conversation about how best to support existing businesses, and assist those who wish to learn how they can grow.

“Small business is big business to GO Topeka! Our mission to promote and advance the economic vitality of Shawnee County depends on the success of entrepreneurs who make this community a vibrant place to live, work, and play. Fulfilling our mission wouldn’t be possible without the support and advocacy of our Small Business Council, a passionate group that provides meaningful perspectives and solutions to help move Topeka and Shawnee County forward.” – Stephanie Norwood, Director of Entrepreneurship & Small Business.

“The Small Business Council understands the needs of our local entrepreneurs, because we are small business owners ourselves.  Our role is to be a voice and an advocate for mid-size and small enterprises, and to offer advice to emerging businesses looking for support.  Each of us on the council started out with our own dreams, and we are excited to help others realize theirs.” – Tobias Harvey, Chair, Small Business Council

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