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Topeka Flag License Plate

In an effort to develop community pride, Forge Young Talent and the Greater Topeka Partnership lead the charge in creating a Topeka city flag that we could all be proud of. After engaging the community for input the Topeka Flag was created and Forge wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted to show off their Topeka pride would have the ability to. To that end Forge Young Talent and the GTP lobbied to have the Topeka Flag made into a legal specialty license plate through the State of Kansas.

In order to make that happen we need your help. We need 250 signatures of people who would be interested in buying the Topeka Flag license plate the next time they renew their tags. The Topeka Flag License plate will cost $50 on top of your regular renewal fees. By signing this form you show you’re interested in having a Topeka Flag License Plate. This does not mean you will be charged or obligated to purchase one when they are made available. This is only a form to indicate your interest in obtaining a Topeka Flag License Plate.

Please fill out the form below to show your interest!